OpenEMS Release 2020.21.0


  • BMW Batteries: implement Start-Stop feature (#1240)
  • BYD Battery-Box Commercial: implement Start-Stop feature (#1222)
  • REFU88k battery inverter: add channels for charge/discharge energy 493e1bf
  • KACO 50/92 battery inverter: add channels for charge/discharge energy 21cc130
  • KEBA Wallbox: add state channels for all possible mistakes in the Dip-Switch settings (#1235)
  • ESS Delayed Sell-To-Grid Controller: new implementation (#1239, #1246)
    • this new Controller controls an energy storage system so, that it delays the sell-to-grid power e.g. of a photovoltaics system.
    • It charges the battery, when sell-to-grid power exceeds the configured “Sell-To-Grid power limit” and discharges when sell-to-grid power is falling below “Continuous Sell-To-Grid power”.
  • Continuous Integration: enable JUnit tests in Travis CI (#1242)
    • this enables automated unit tests on each commit to the OpenEMS repository
    • Fix all existing JUnit tests with latest version of OpenEMS Unit test Framework
    • Use ComponentManager for mocked Clock everywhere
    • Add unit tests to bundle templates
    • and also: apply Checkstyle & fix deprecated warnings on build
  • UI: add widget to show digital input states (#1195)

Bug Fixes and Other Changes

  • UI:
    • add missing subscribe for Grid Mode (#1245)
    • improve responsive design for history a690266
    • update dependencies; update names to “OpenEMS Edge”; always allow kWh values b46743c
  • Discovergy Meter: avoid error on non-available values (#1230)
  • Janitza UMG604 meter: fix active/reactive power sum 220b7d3
  • Ess Power Solver: fix possible NullPointerException e4f807a
  • Fix OSGi:
    • “Constructor with 0 arguments not found” error + apply code improvements 9562c97
    • constructors must be public 9ef244d
  • FixedOrderScheduler: fix JUnit test b76f743
  • EssSinexcel:
    • apply coding style; cleanup state-channels e6fbe9c
    • fix typecasting error 2344023
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