OpenEMS Release 2020.22.0


  • UI: add kWh as bar chart for energymonitor in history (#1250)

  • Fixes:

    • remove deprecated npm packages
    • update to latest npm packages
    • adjust live energymonitor to be shown correctly
    • replace ngOnInit with ionViewWillEnter in components where it is needed
      (ngOnInit fires only once with ion-router-outlet, independently of visiting the component again)
  • Minor Features:

    • set language on startup dependend of browser language
    • remove redundancy in history energymonitor component
    • better visibility for history energymonitor components legend
    • show month when a month is picked via ‘other period’ in history component
    • add real time detection that determines if user uses a device with smartphone resolution (<577px width)
    • use whole width for history energymonitor component if smartphone resolution is used
  • Main Feature:

    • if kWh are enabled via service component
    • add bar chart for kWh values in history energymonitor
    • bar chart shows energy per day including direct consumption
    • on smartphone devices: kWh bar chart is enabled when period is > 1 day
    • on non smartphone devices: kWh bar chart is enabled when period is > 7 days
    • production and consumption values are opt in via legend
    • realtime adjustment of chart when resolution changes from/to smartphone resolution
    • add month to pickdate component

Bug Fixes and Other Changes

  • Modbus/TCP and REST-Apis: log active write requests dfab9ef1fd583797f3213b7c43821780fcc28ff2
    • Requests are logged in the new ApiWorker Channel as String of the form “ess0/SetActivePowerLessOrEquals:2000|ess0/SetActivePowerGreaterOrEquals:-2000”
  • Generic ESS: improve calculation of allowed power(#1254)
    • improve calculation of allowed charge/discharge power based on voltage
    • add static constraints to block power, when ESS is not started
  • Fix InfluxDB bundle and EdgeConfigWorker (possible NullPointerException) 768adc6df76dd2b3cb0e72d185fe1af3e89d26a8
  • Fix XLSX report for Modbus/TCP Api 8ae8a579b350b934d9c167dbe043c22ac579d587
  • UI: translated login page (#1257) - thanks @denis-jasselette-jc for your first contribution!
  • GenericManagedSymmetricEss: add Modbus table for Modbus/TCP Api (#1262)
    • Added the modbus slave table in generic Ess
    • Changed the chargeEnergy and DichargeEnergy channels in battery inverter
  • OpenemsComponent: add helpful error message on missing ‘State’ Channel (#1264)
  • Update dependencies