OpenEMS to monitor a Panasonic Aquarea Heat Pump

Hello, I am new to OpenEMS and its development tools, but would like to create a simple UI that works on my windows based laptop to monitor a Panasonic Aquarea Heat Pump.

I’ve gone through the Getting Started and Implementing a device sections (which are great and easy to follow) but now I would like to interface with real hardware.

I’ve installed Sourcetree, Eclipse IDE, Node.js and I’ve seen online a git repo for a “wrapper” for Panasonic Aquarea air-water H and J series protocol decrypt

and a Wrapper for Panasonic Aquarea Service Cloud to MQTT for a smart home integration like Home-Assistant (or for some machine learning)

Any suggestions for the easiest and cheapest way for a newbie, in terms of HW and SW tools, to implement this UI for my Panasonic HP?

Many thanks!