OTA Updates for Edge Devices


I was wondering if anyone has experience in implementing OTA updates for Edge devices. Our OpenEMS use case is likely to involve having edge devices running in the field. From time to time we may wish to roll out new versions of the software - e.g to improve support for hardware devices, release new control programs etc.

I know there are a few solutions that can help support this such as Eclipse Hawkbit, AWS IOT platform etc.

I would be interested in hearing from community members about their experience of deploying OTA updates for OpenEMS.

Thank you.

Hi Thomas,

there is a feature included in OpenEMS which we use to update the Edge devices. We use Debian packages to deploy updates, which are manually downloaded and installed using a shell script.

The shell script and name of the debian package is defined here:

The update routine can be triggered via UI (for individual Edges - e.g. by the customer himself) or via REST-Call to OpenEMS Backend (for multiple Edges):

If this is interesting to you (and possibly others in the Community) I can try to share some more details on that feature.



Hi Stefan,

this is Indeed Interesting as i want to implement this feature aswell.
In my Case nothing happens if i click the Updated Button right now :frowning:


Thank you for this information @stefan.feilmeier

I will investigate this functionality further and will see if it can solve our problem - I will reply if I have any questions. Thank you!