Proposal: Changing unit of temperature in "Thermometer-API"


currently the unit of the temperature in the Thermometer-API is in deci °C (d°C). I think this is not only unintuitive but also reduces the precision of the measured temperature.

I would suggest to change it to °C or K.


Hi Alex,

there are a lot of cases where °C or K are not enough (e.g. heating flow/return temperature). In my opinion working with decicentigrade is already the optimal way to handle temperatures. It does not need a float channel and the range of an integer channel fits very well to the used temperatures in energy management. Also when develop these systems you quickly get used to this unit. And in an UI it can be easily converted to XX.y °C. So from my opinion I would not recommend changing it.

Regards, Chris

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Hi Chris,

thanks for the quick response. You are right, my mind mixed up some decimal powers…

Regards, Alex