PV surplus AND grid usage for battery charging by Time-of-Use-Controller?

I’m not sure about what to describe and where the problem is. But I have found several situations with usage from power by grid while PV production would be able to provide 100% consumption but battery is charged from grid?

The price for next hours is not explaining the need for additional charging from grid:

Hi @lichtblick,

I just found your (more detailed) post here, after I had already replied in photovoltaikforum. For reference:

We are currently working on improving the behaviour with Time-of-Use-Controller in combination with (sufficient) PV production. We have a FEMS release schedule for 20th February which should improve the behaviour of the BETA test. Code will be released in OpenEMS then as well.


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Thank you. I’m looking hopefully forward to Feb. 20th. :hugs:
Due to external management of the EV chagers (with evcc) it is difficult to manage charging with PV surplus while FEMS makes a decision to charge battery from grid while the EV chargers could have a lower current to charge both: the EVs and the home battery :innocent: