Question in the getting started part

Hello everyone, I hope you are all doing well. I have reached the step 5.3, but i’m having hard time understanding what to do in this step below. Could someone please help me with it?

Hi AdnaneAlouch01,

Fellow newbie here. I think it’s a line from an earlier version of the OpenEMS UI section. Or you have to follow the steps in the Edge UI section, then come back here. It’s the only part that uses Visual Studio (Edge and Backend use Eclipse).
For the Getting Started Portion, I used the hosted version link from OpenEMS UI section : and it worked ok for me.

Hope it helps. Warm Regards,


indeed, the documentation is missing some aspects here that were lost in the latest cleanup of the docs. Step 5.3 assumes you have been following the steps to setup a local OpenEMS UI: