Raspberry PI 3 - No WebUI Login

Hello Community :slight_smile:
I just set up my openems on Raspberry PI and also had a look at the posts in the community about the HowTos together with the “Getting started”. I am using the pre-build version of edge and webui.

When I connect to the website, I only see an empty screen with header - no login

This is what I get as log from the webbrowser:

Do you have an idea what went wrong here? :slight_smile:

Thank you,

Hi dear @mario1991

some times Port 8085 is used with another programs.
Did you try to use another ports or check that be free for opening in your Raspberry?
and please check all part of OpenEMS be running.
Check all “Getting Started” guide steps once again it will be very helpful.

you post your request to Deutsch From in English language :smiley:
I suggest submitting Topics in the relevant language for more helpful answers.