Read from InfluxDB

I want to simulate loads and weather data that I have stored in csv files. It should be easy to read the csv files into a local InfluxDB by relying on the datasource component and the automatic read-in of all channels into InfluxDB, but what would be the best/cleanest way to then access the database from OpenEMS?

The InfluxTimedata Component in Edge looks promising to me, but I don’t quite have the overview of how the information gets red into OpenEMS and how I can access it afterwards. If I activate the InfluxTimedata Component and use e.g. queryHistoricData, does the information get loaded into channels that I can access from other components? (Queries that I want to make are for example get the past 28 days of loads in InfluxDB or get the weather forecast for the future 24 hours.)

Thanks in advance,