Reading back values set to SetActivePowerEquals

Hi Community,

I am controlling an ESS using the REST api through json RPC requests.
I am writing to the SetActivePowerEquals channel and the system is working well with that.

I want to keep a track of what commands were sent to the channel SetActivePowerEquals, so far I see that this setpoint is sent to some apply method and that calculates what power is possible to be applied to the system and that I am able to read through the ess/ActivePower channel.

Is there a way I can mirror the SetActivePowerEquals channel or read somehow and send to influxdb to keep a track of what is actually written to it?

I have tried to get value on next write from the SetActivePowerEquals channel using the following but this gives no value present error (although I see the power setpoint being written). When I insert a value manually, I can see that being passed to the duplicate channel.

IntegerWriteChannel setActivePowerEqualsChannel = this.getSetActivePowerEqualsChannel();
powerSetPoint = setActivePowerEqualsChannel.getNextWriteValue();
this._setSetActivePowerEqualsDuplicate(powerSetPoint.get()); // gives no value present error

this._setSetActivePowerEqualsDuplicate(-526);// random value written



while technically it’s more complicated than that, I believe the Channel ess0/DebugSetActivePower should be sufficient for your requirements.

See ManagedSymmetricEss.ChannelId (OpenEMS Javadoc)


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