Reading from a SunSpec Model from a Simulated device


I have a simulated device to mimic the PV Inverter Kostal device. My simulated device has the Sunspec Models: S_103 Three phase Monitoring, and S_120 Inverter Controls Nameplate Settings and S_01.

How would I be able to read the values in the Debug log? When I added a meter, it was clear, since you give a channel name and address to fill, then read from that for the log.

Any advice is welcome. Thank you!


the SunSpec channels are called eg S103W for active Power, though they should be mapped to the active power of the component anyway.
You can also activate the Controller Debug Detailed Log, which gives you all channel values (though for SunSpec components the output gets rather long).


Hi dsen๏ผŒ
do you need to simulate sunpsec model(c001,common) for your simulated inverter?