Recommand battery inverter


We are planning make a ems system by openEMS.But it is kind of weird that cant find most of the modbus protocol from battery inverter or hrbrid inverter,i dont really know if it is my wrong way in searching for inverter protocol or it is a reality that most of inverter manufactur are not willing to open their protocol.

I am gonna make a ems prototype by openEMS,and i hope anyone could give some advises on battery inverter choosing,thanks for the help of the community.

best appreciation at first.

i am now having configured and connected batteries,electricity meters,and a few loads,only short of a home inverter to make it a home ems system

Yes it is this. We have been frustrated by this for many years. Victron are good for smaller stuff. We are trying Sinexcel for a bigger project. But apart from these the options are limited.

Exactly. We are also trying with victron now. I still have some other confusion like does it really mean that like Tesla or other company that makes ems product have
made their own inverter themselves? Or it also means if we want to make a ems product , we have to make inverter ourselves.
I know there is a solution that we could make co-operation with other inverter company but a new problem comes out,that is when ems product occur a disaster like fire in the inverter, how to explain the division of responsiblity .