Recommendation: Don't use Eclipse 2020-09 with Bndtools!

Hi everyone,

view days ago I made the big mistake to upgrade my eclipse from 2020-06 to 2020-09.
After the upgrade the import of existing bndtools workspace didn’t work anymore.
When I switched back to 2020-06 everything worked again.

So be careful about what eclipse setup you use.
I also noticed that many users have different problems with the new eclipse version, so I suggest to keep your hands off and use 2020-06 instead.



Thank you Andreas. We experienced the same problem on our development computers and also continue working with 2020-06. I reported an Issue at the bndtools project:

FYI: bndtools version 5.2.0 has been released today. It fixes the incompatibility with Eclipse IDE 2020-09

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