Retention Policy not found

Hello everyone!
I am trying to use InfluxDB in order to visualise the historic data. And I followed the guide in the website (Timedata :: Open Energy Management System)
However, when activating the InfluxDB in appache, i receive a [500] error message in InfluxDB. And is about the retention policy:

[httpd] - - [08/May/2024:00:22:55 +0200] "POST /api/v2/write?org=-&bucket=db%2Fdata&precision=ms&consistency=all HTTP/1.1 " 500 45 “-” “influxdb-client-java/unknown” 59c7349e-0cc0-11ef-8018-d85ed38e8217 1000
2024-05-07T22:22:55.126623Z error [500] - “retention policy not found: data” {“log_id”: “0p1GzEMl000”, “service”: “httpd”}

My configuration in openEMS is as follows:

I have tried checking if I am missing something in the influxDB config file, however I haven hd sucess.

Any help would be much appreciated.
Thank you! :slight_smile:

Please follow this 1:1 and it works.

Thanks! @Sn0w3y I saw that in the bucket part. the guides are different.
Previously I configured it as: Bucket: db/data
With the link you sent i changed it to Bucket: db/autogen.
Now it is running :smiley:

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