Save log file on local drive

is OpenEMS actually permanently writing data in a database (log4j)? If so, how can I read it out? If not, how can I create a copy of the logged datastream on my computer?

Hi Nils,

log4j itself is only a logging processor. If you would want to write all log outputs to a file you would have to configure a service that does that - e.g. using some existing service or similar to how the Websocket-Api-Controller forwards all logs to the UI if you open that view in the UI. See here

I suspect you are mainly interested in what the DebugLogController by default logs to the console. In that case you could just adapt the run()-method accordingly.

If you want to log the values of all the Channels, you would have to setup an InfluxDB database on your computer and configure the Timedata.InfluxDB component via Apache Felix.