SDM630 as meter for microgrid

Hi Forum,

There is a smaller sub-distribution in my garage with a SDM 630 meter in it. I used to meter consumption. Since yesterday I´ve installed a microgrid on the garage´s roof to get more PV power in winter.
So I´ve configured the meter as “consumption and production” and it does not show in UI at all. I know it is “production and consumption” and not “production and consumption metered”.
I guess this is a normal behaviour…
But I do not understand the reason for this.
Should I implement a separate pv-inverter module based on SDM 630?


It seems sufficient to implement two counters on the same hardware device: one for production and one for consumption. This way, generation will also appear in the UI.

However, I’m not quite clear on the energy flow yet: both production and consumption meters should provide positive values, correct?

as far as i know the meter can just measure in one direction? so it could not work as consumption as production or you have to install two of them and then one is consumption and one is produktion. hope that helped

Hi Paul,

The problem with the production “direction” ist that ActivePower can be negative. Not good for a production meter but also physically correct. So I took a modified SDM630 which does not allow negative values for production.
With consumption vice versa. Now OpenEMS shows 2 meters but uses the same hardware meter. That´s ok for my purpose.
I have to say that I am still struggeling with energy flow and the different meter types make it even more complicated.
But I am happy with my solution even if it is not out of the box any more.

It´s the same discussion that @phfeustel kicked off in this thread. By the way: his small table helped me to understand energy flow the right way.