Send Data to Influxdb Cloud

Hi Community,

I am sending data to influxdb cloud. I see all the channels are being sent there. How can I apply tags or specify which data to be sent and which not to get only the required data at influxdb cloud?

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Hi Hafiz,

there is currently no such feature in OpenEMS. Internally we have this, but did not yet find time to push it upstream.

For now you could follow this advice: InfluxDB service limit reached - #4 by hydroid7


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You could install Telegraf locally, set up an InfluxDB 2.0 listener there and point your OpenEMS installation to it. In the Telegraf config you can then decide which data you want to forward to InfluxDB (cloud or locally). Works like a charm.

Kind regards, Martin


Thanks @stefan.feilmeier @martingr.

I have used Stefan’s advice. It has reduced a lot of data I send.

I try it @martingr. This would save a lot.

Thanks both of you!