Send HTTPS Request (JSON)

kindly please I would like to know how can I send an HTTPS request (JSON) contain the data (data of electricity meter) from hardware (Getway) directly to the back-end and visualize it in the front-end.
Best Regards Omar.

There are several options for this…

  • You could directly push to the InfluxDB (not preferred)
  • You might use the WSS RPC Interface to feed data (create a device/meter and assign a unique key)
  • You might use a custom adapter for this

Please let us know what fits best to your overall architecture.

Hi Omar,

the OpenEMS IoT stack is quite opinionated and best used together. It’s surely possible to use OpenEMS Backend and OpenEMS UI without OpenEMS Edge, but this design is not documented and has some pitfalls. For example, the UI needs and EdgeConfig, to know which electricity meters are available and of which type they are (e.g. production, consumption, grid, etc.).

My recommendation for your use-case is, to implement a device driver for your electricity meter in OpenEMS Edge and from there send the data to the backend. This approach should be rather straight forward.

What’s the type/manufactorer of the meter you plan to use? Which communication protocol are you using?