Setup IDE for OpenEMS UI: not working

I’m still trying to get a working UI. No luck. Getting Started procedure didn’t work (see post).

Following Setup IDE for OpenEMS UI :: Open Energy Management System

Installed node.js version 18.17.1, all good.

VSCode started, open folder ui, all good.
Install angular, good? I don’t know

‘npm install’, NOT good.

(side note… it did the command noted above which caused even more bad looking stuff, I then tried to start the ui and it failed. I then got my backed up VM, and restarted to whole process (install node.js etc) and I IGNORED all the bad stuff above and proceeded to start the ui, and as you will see, it worked, sort of. It would be nice to know that the warning/error messages should be ignored)

Ok, start the ui.
'ng serve -c openems-edge-dev;

It built and started. (yippee).

But, still not looking good in the browser (I have the simulation from Getting Started running)


Your assistance please.

Update… after I clicked on a few menus and came back to the display…it was working. Why is that? Also… where is the menu to change the language to English, please?

(this was much later (3 hours), so I restarted Edge after it was working to get the battery back to 50%)

How to I change it to English? I change the default language in language.tx, then restarted 'ng server …etc). But it’s still in German?

I’ve discovered the when the initial UI shows the non-working devices, doing a ‘refresh’ of the page causes it to start working.

Following the same procedure as @JimsterCoder but on a Windows machine.
I encounter the same issues but the same result - The UI does work :smiley: just not the first time!
For me I had to stop & restart the serve (ng serve -c openems-edge-dev) and then I get data passing from Edge to backend. Great.

Thanks for your analysis. There might be an issue with Angular/Ionic lifecycle events, that do not always work reliably.

@lukasrgr: You’re the UI expert. Could you have a look (after your holidays), please?

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I have also noticed that data continues to pass to/from the UI after the serve process is stopped. It persists for maybe a minute or so. Immediately the serve process is stopped no new connection to UI can be achieved from a browser.