Setup IntelliJ for OpenEMS

Hi all,
when trying to set up OpenEMS with IntelliJ i ran into a multitude of issues and decided to switch to Eclipse instead.
I heard however, that some developers are working with IntelliJ and i would like to know if they managed to set up IntelliJ following the tutorial at: IntelliJ IDEA :: Open Energy Management System ?

Are you using the newest Amdatu version 4.0.0 ?
Are you using IntelliJ version 2022.2.5 ?
Are you using the JDK 17 like in the Eclipse tutorial or the JDK 11 from the IntelliJ tutorial?

Thanks for any help!

I did get it running with Inteliji, but its pain in the a**. I switched to eclipse and the integration there is flawless. I did setup Inteliji on two computers both with the same versions. Just one did work. After that I decided to move on to eclipse.


I managed to get project imported into IntelliJ and also managed to produce my first pull request, however I have not used very extensively OSGi support available within IDE. The unit tests can be executed within IntelliJ, assembly itself can not. You need to fire gradle task. I had very bad experiences with osmorc (old osgi plugin for IJ), so I did not even try running bndtools in IJ.
I tend to build maven projects from command line and I did same with gradle. I began doing this with Eclipse long time ago. For sure it is not most convenient way, but it is portable and in case of troubles with IDE, it still works.