Should default InfluxDB bundle wrte AggregatedDataNotification as well?

Beside TimestampedDataNotification the Generic InfluxDB bundle writes AggregatedDataNotification as well.

In my opinion this should not be the case! Why? This mixes TimestampedDataNotification and AggregatedDataNotification without a way to distinguish between both of them.

We recently concentrated on an event seen in Grafana (a switch of a statemachine at time t) . Later we found out, that there was no such event. We just saw the mean value of the statemachine mixed with the real values of the statemachine.
The current influx implementation makes it hard to remotely analyze such kind of events. I would suggest removing this code or if really needed, to make it configurable and e.g. add a different retention policy

@michaelgrill Do you guys need both types of data written into the generic influx DB?

If you mean that the aggregated data and the timestamped data gets written for the same channel then there is a bug in the code. The Influx implementation should only write the one notification with the lower resolution. e. G. not every channel gets send as a timestamped channel, but we still want to atleast store some values of the channel (also usefull i think for people who only use the “old” Influx). And therefore i added these checks

But if that was not the case could you please give me some more explanation what you mean with mixed values?