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i m a java developer from china and we are trying to make a ems system and would like to try openEMS out on my environment. openEMS is an awesome system integrated many components we were considering about using in our ems system , it has an amazing ability of abstraction , which absolutely will save us lots of time developing it.

Now i wanna make a system simulating house enviroment.There should be a battery , pv system , grid , house consume . i wanna the energy manage logic be like , we have the grid , battery , pv system as the energy input and house consume as the enery output . i wanna try to use as less as possible grid power like Controller Balancing Symmetric set grid target poing at 0,and mainly use pv and battery for the providence of the consume . Initially energy source should be pv system , then battery , then the last is grid power.If there is a remaining of pv energy, try to charge it for the battery.and if the sum of the energy of pv and battery cant afford our recent consume , use grid power .

I dont really now if it is hard to complish or not if i dont write a new controller or if it is already possible
to finish now , so i m trying to find some help there , it would be great appreciated if someone could just give me an brief answer or just tell me how this system should work like in the opemEms , so i can have a better understanding of our ems framework.

What i have done:

    1. I ve followed getting started tutorial and successfully complete the basic grid and house consume and battery system which it has made a Balancing Symmetric between the battery and grid power and successfully control the grid power output as i like , even if the consume is always changing,it could make a perfect balance between my battery and the grid power,which i have to say that it is really an awesome system and appreciate it again like what i said in first paragraph.
    1. i have followed some tutorial about how to add pv system in it and i have added it into my ststem like this:

      But then a weird thing arised,i have no idea why my pv energy input is added into the house consume , originally it is supported to feed the consumption but not increase them.i consider it is possible that the pv system gets so much energy input that get nowhere to release,but why it automatically add them to the consumption part but not either the battery or grid part while i didnt set where it should go ? I know it is probably some kind of my fault understanding of our system,i wish someone could teach me somehow.I also have a assume that the consumption in ui indicate the whole consumption in my system instead of only the house energy consumption.

appreciated in advance,

As far as I know, the consumption is calculated as the difference between production and the energy that goes to the grid and the battery. You seem to have configured a data source with very high production, and since there comes some energy from the grid, OpenEMS adds both to get the consumption.
But since I’m an OpenEms beginner, too, I can’t tell you, which controllers should be activated to get a more realistic simulation of the energy flow.



thanks u so much for replying me . i was using the H0_HOUSEHOLD_SUMMER_WEEKDAY_PV_PRODUCTION2 as my datasorce of ProductionMeter,and yes,it is so high,that it seems like it is gonna blast my house electricity meter.Therefore i indeed wanna have someway to process the high surplus of my pv , such as charging to my battery or sell them to the grid.That’s the strategy i wanna create in openems.What a waste if i discard most of pv energy.

Since we are also new here,we have no idea to achieve it,but thank u all the same letting me know someone would have the same question as me.

I also have a new question that how can i create two production or two consuption in the UI like i have two users,i wanna make a more realistic simulation of the energy flow of the two users or i have two pv system,and i wanna see the exactly energy flow of the two pv instead of only one line indicating to the sum energy flow of them


Hi Zaohon,

you have to think more like an “EnergySystem” and not like a consumer.

For the System is just the Grid relevant, so all the stearing/controlling is coming from that point of view.

In a “normal” house you will never measure the Consumption. You always have a meter at the grid so you always just get the information of the grid (yes you can set up additional measurments, coming to this later).

The simulation just simulates some parts of the energysystem BUT does not really interact like in the reality. So for example MORE PV in reality would cause MORE Grid selling (because the consumption does not change so much). But in simulation the “simulated Grid” does not know when you started the PV-Simulation and does not interact, so the result is not really “like in Reality”

And Stefan is right, the consumption will always be calculated. So suddenly more pv would cause more Consumption in Simulation and not more Grid-Sell.

gut here is also an “old” aproach, but im not sure if it is still working, but it is a good overview of the ‘simulators’

perhaps the second point is working there.

If you have mor meters, the will be summed in the graph but you also have detailes historic data and you have widgets where you see the actual amount of meter.
looks like that

best regards


Hi wimmer,

Sry for my late reply cause i have been trying to figure it out,and,THANK U SO MUCH,i think i got it.I think i just finished what i wanted to realize before.Hope to help others have a better understanding of our ems system by listing what i have done:

  1. i change the Grid Acting to Grid Reacting, I assume that,if i put house consume as a datasource for Grid Acting,it’s data actually decides the final result of grid but not the “input” to the grid,which will cause a futility even if i have already put more pv energy,cause the consumption is CACULATED!
    So i change it to a grid reacting,which means the behaviour of the grid will be effected by other components or controllers

  2. I added a NRU Acting,which is actually the things i wanted that represents the a seems it will try to draw energy from the grid,so i can add as many as i want of it to simulate bundle of appliances or whatever that will consume energy

  3. Then i added the symmetric balancing for my grid and ess system,and suprisingly,much suprisingly,it just works as what i original want.I have to appreciate the amazing work again as what i said before.

But to be frank,as my brain process normally,these things seems be the originally easiest thing that this system want to create,and thank to ur guys and thanks to the forum,that i can say i am possibly formally be the newer there.

Best appreciation,

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