Sinexcel inverter with battery

Dear forum,

I have been trying to get a Sinexcel inverter running with a dyness battery.
I build everything myself and got the UI running however i cant get everything connected.
The Sinexcel is connected and is readable in openems ui over Modbus TCP.
Now i am trying to define an ESS in openems edge but i cant find how to define this and set it up. I tried the ESS generic managed Symmetric but than i need a battery ID. The battery connects to the inverter over RS485 cable and the inverter can read the BMS data. How do i define this battery in Openems? and how to setup a working ESS then?

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Hi Sven,

see this diagram:

(original source: Edge-Module - Programmierstil - #2 by stefan.feilmeier)

For Energy Storage Systems OpenEMS distinguishes two architectures:

  1. Direct ESS (“Ess.SMA.SunnyIsland” in the example). In this architecture you communicate only with the Battery-Inverter and it internally handles all the communication with the Battery.
  2. Combination of Battery-Inverter and Battery (“KACO” + “BYD BatteryBox” in the example): Here OpenEMS communicates separately with Battery-Inverter and Battery.

In your case it sounds a lot like architecture (1). Unfortunately in OpenEMS the Sinexcel is only implemented for architecture (2) (i.e. the Sinexcel code implements BatteryInverter).

To continue with OpenEMS you have two variants:

Benefit of the second variant is, that you get full control over the battery behaviour and can most likely read more detailed data from the Battery directly.