SMA pv inverter switching to SunSpec profile 2.0

SMA is enhancing the SunSpec profile 2.0 to fullfill IEEE1547:2018 (see Sunspec Modbus protocol P.9 )
That means that the SunSpec 100-series are soon be deprecated. They will be replaced by the 700-series.

Just want to let you know that we are enhancing the OpenEMS PV-Inverter SMA Sunny Tripower bundle to also support the new 700-series. After test and review it will be uploaded to the git repository.

How did we find out?

A new inverter just returned the following SunSpec models:

  • 1 - Common
  • 123 - Immediate Control

It was missing the SunSpec model 101 or 103 for AC power data. The problem was that the new inverter was running on an old firmware.

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Thanks for the info.

Just to be sure: to generate the code for SunSpec, I had been downloading the XML files from here:

…and used the []( to generate the internal Java Enum.

Are you using the same approach or do you need support?


Yes, that would be the approach. Right now I think that we don’t need any help on the SunSpecCodeGenerator. We already used it to add S160 a few months ago (see Feature/default sunspec update and enhancement by clehne · Pull Request #2149 · OpenEMS/openems · GitHub) . Should be straight forward to add the 700 series.
I would then update the PR or close it and open a new PR. Thanks for offering your help.

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@c.lehne Today there appeared an interesting new PR that uses JSON instead of XML for the SunSpecCodeGenerator. It sounds like a useful improvement - maybe before starting the new integration:

Could you (or @tsicking) pleas have a look? The implementation looks good on first sight, even though I would prefer switching to GSON or JsonUtils as we use it everywhere else.