Small Li battery with Open BMS so I can trial various charge/discharge algorithms


I would like to source a small Li battery - say a KWH or so - with an Open BMS so I can trial some charge/discharge algorithms I’ve developed.

Ideally the battery would support an API over a wireless link so from software I’ve written I can:

  • Configure battery parameters as required within what the BMS allows.
  • Monitor battery state.
  • Charge/discharge the battery up to the C rates allowed by the BMS.
  • Charge/discharge the battery to the state-of-charge/depth of discharge allowed by the BMS.

Not fussed how many cells or the voltage to start with. It’s a trial platform to do proof-of-concept work.

Would prefer to buy as a ready to use unit so I don’t have to do any assembly/wiring/soldering/letting out the magic smoke etc