Store the simulation data in InfluxDB and visualize the results in UI history

Hello There ;

I am trying to store the simulation results using InfluxDB In order to obtain the UI history. So I did the following:

  1. I followed the simulation steps according to “Getting Started guide” Link

  2. I run InfluxDB on my machine using PowerShell

  3. Then I configured Time data InfluxDB and I filled the required filed [I’m not sure about the API key, is it the same API token] ?, then I stucked !, what are the steps to collect the simulation data, store it in influxDB then getting the UI historical data ?

Hi Abdallah,

if you use the a version 1 influxdb this results to “username:password”.
if you use a version 2 influxdb this results to the API Token managed here:

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Thank you … I guess OpenEMS store the data directly in InfluxDB (no need for telegraf), am I right ?

Hi @Abdallah,

yes - data will be automatically stored in your influxdb when the component is active. I assume your “simulation data” is created by a “Simulator *****” Component. This data will aswell be stored in the influxdb.


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Hi @simonfey …Thank you very much … I started receiving “Data” from OpenEMS as shown in the below figure. However, I am not able to see the simulation values … So I tried to connect the InfluxDB to Grafana to visualize the results but i am not able to reach to the data… is there any advise to get it ?

Hi @Abdallah afaik there needs to be data in your influxdb when these channels/filters show up. So I guess you are pretty close. You can double check on:

  • Did you properly “Submit” the query?
  • Did you select a time window that actually contains data? (Past 15 minutes)
  • Does other data get stored except _sum/ConsumptionXXX?

You can also put a debug breakpoint in InfluxConnector:java:515 in order to make sure that your Edge or Backend is actually writing points to your influxdb.

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