Support for IEEE 2030.5


I am new to this project and super excited to learn more. Thank you all for the great work!

We have use cases to support IEEE 2030.5 for collecting submetering and DERS resources data.

I am curious how the community thinks about IEEE 2030.5 from the lens of the project. I have performed some searches on this forum and did not find any reference to the topic.

  1. Would anyone have high level opinions if this standard makes sense to support within OpenEMS? Would adding support for 2030.5 make sense?

  2. Could someone envision how an edge device and the backend service could support this standard and fit into the existing architecture of the system? Would we implement the standard within the exisitng gRPC services and add a new endpoint?


Hi Greg and welcome to the OpenEMS Community.

I personally have never researched the IEEE 2030.5 and have not heard of it being used here in Germany/Europe.

After a quick search I found this:

  • Slide 14 Architecture Models
    • “2. EMS-Gateway” would have to be implemented on OpenEMS Edge
    • “3. Aggregator” would have to be implemented on OpenEMS Backend and from there forwarded to OpenEMS Edge. An example for a similar approach available in OpenEMS is documented here → Controller :: Open Energy Management System
  • Slide 15 Special Requirements for Aggregators
    • There is currently to notion of “group assignments” in OpenEMS Backend
    • “Subscription/Notification mechanisms” is something we do use via bidirectional Websocket connections and specific JSON-RPC requests. There is some general documentation available here → Internal Component Communication :: Open Energy Management System

So yes, I would say in principle it should be possible to support IEE 2030.5 in the OpenEMS infrastructure. It’s not on my personal development roadmap right now, though.