System requirements for OpenEMS?

I’m currently in the process of HW sizing. Thus I’m wondering about the system requirements of OpenEMS. I did find Requirements — openEMS 0.0.35 documentation but there only software, no hardware requirements are named. Can someone give a hint?
As the requirements probably will depend – next to the minimum system requirements – on the environment, estimated numbers include 15 photovoltaic inverters, 1 battery, and 6 charging stations.


From what I have read and a little bit of testing, the smallest you want to go in terms of hardware is a Beaglebone black. It only has 1Gb of ram and a 1Ghz processor. This is completely do-able, but in my opinion it is a bit on the low side of things. Hope that pushes you in the right direction.


any system that can run JRE can run this system aswell. The mentioned BBB would me the minimum platform to get started with. However, you mention plans with lot of PV inverters, charging stations, etc.
I’d propose you to consider more powerful hardware.

Thanks for your feedback! As this will be a VM, on the one hand I’m flexible with the CPU cores, RAM, etc, but on the other hand need to know some numbers for the sizing of the bare metal for the VE.
I understood, that 1 CPU and 1 GB memory might be a little low. So, should I rather add a second core or 2 GB memory for my calculation (or both)? :slight_smile: Don’t want to oversize it, but obviously also not go too low.

The resource usage depends on you individual system configuration and therefore hard to predict without knowing it in advance. If you want avoid freezes during runtime, you could go for a little more and decrease it according to your needs.

Yes, my advice would be to have at least 2GB or RAM and at least two cores.

Which additionally information would be needed to make a better prediction? I’m willing to provide whatever I can. :smiley:

Just try it out? Its not Rocket-Science i guess :slight_smile:

In general I agree with you, especially having the flexibility of a virtual environment makes it easy to just add or remove, e.g. a CPU core.
In this case I need the information for a sizing of the bare metal for the virtual environment. I’m having 30+ services that should run on the cluster. We do have a tight budget and will probably have to spend a five-digit number on it. Thus I’d like to get the requirements as precise as possible to neither spend money unnecessarily on physical CPU cores we never need (and only cost electricity) nor invest too little and run into performance issues right from the beginning. As I have no prior knowledge of running openEMS and not enough time resources to install it to gather experience myself in beforehand, I’m trusting on the experience of the community :slight_smile:

It is a wisdom, that good engineers are good guessers :rofl:
So I’d propose you to hire a good engineer for a precise estimate or take your time and set up a test system.

You mentioned 30+ services, what is basically a range between 30 and infinity. What are your services doing? Requests per second? Processing time? You also mention a cluster. This brings even more variables into the game.

I understand that most probably you can’t share these details with us. This is ok. I think that my previous proposal works well for you.

Let me know if this answer helps you.

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Thanks for your reply, all answers help. :wink:

Fair enough. I was hoping that someone already has set up a similar system and can share their experience. :slight_smile:

I might have expressed myself unclear here. The 30+ services (not all are defined yet, thus the “+”) and cluster is about the virtualisation environment, services running next to the OpenEMS (e.g. LDAP, keycloak, discourse, limesurvey, …). I’m gathering numbers for these as well. But my question here is only about the OpenEMS part, to be able in the end to sum up all requirements of the different services and have the total number of CPU cores, memory, disk space needed for the virtualisation environment. As I mentioned in my initial post, for OpenEMS I expect:

I’m willing to share whatever I have. What would you need?

thx, noted down in my list: 2 CPU core, 2 GB memory and 4 GB HDD for OpenEMS productive environment and another 1 CPU core, 1 GB memory and 2 GB HDD for an OpenEMS test installation.