TimeOfUseTariff not shown in History


Apr 04 19:06:06 server java[851238]: 2024-04-04T19:06:06,866 [socket-2] INFO [atamanager.TimedataManagerImpl] timedata0: No availableSince 200 for undefined channel Tibber/QuarterlyPrices

I always get this message @Backend but i do not know why as all other values work correctly ?

Greetings !


it always helps to search where the message actually origins. In this case → openems/io.openems.backend.timedata.aggregatedinflux/src/io/openems/backend/timedata/aggregatedinflux/AggregatedInflux.java at develop · OpenEMS/openems · GitHub

“Aggregated InfluxDB” uses a list of known Channel-Addresses. It lists the correct default address ctrlEssTimeOfUseTariff0/QuarterlyPrices (-> openems/io.openems.backend.timedata.aggregatedinflux/src/io/openems/backend/timedata/aggregatedinflux/AllowedChannels.java at develop · OpenEMS/openems · GitHub). If you change your Component-ID from Tibber to ctrlEssTimeOfUseTariff0, the data should be stored in the aggregated influxDB and the error disappears.


Oh my God… open your eyes or as we say in Germany “Mach deine Augen auf”

DANKE Stefan !

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