Trying to simulate Fenecon Battery Home

Hello everyone,

I am trying to simulate Fenecon Battery Home. I followed the page Implementing a device :: Open Energy Management System

In, I changed the defineModbusProtocol() function:

In, I added Battery-Type attribute:

I got the following log output, and State: FAULT.

2023-11-03T16:49:42,236 [_cycle ] INFO [ebuglog.ControllerDebugLogImpl] [ctrlDebugLog0] _sum[State:Fault Ess SoC:80 %|L:910 W Grid:0 W Production:27 W Consumption:937 W] battery0[Battery Implementation|State:FAULT: Modbus Communication failed] ess0[SoC:80 %|L:910 kW|Allowed:-10000;10000 W] meter0[0 W] meter1[27 W] modbus0[CycleDelay:988 ms]

Could anyone suggest? If my implementation is wrong, where should I modify it?
Thank you in advance.


hi @EEMChula ,

i guess the idea was good, but why do you want to “specially” simulate Fenecon Battery home? What is the difference to a “normal” simulated ESS?

You cannot (i assume) use in the simulation the modbus-protocol because than the implementation will try to comunicate over modbus (what makes no sense in a simulation).

Or perhaps i missunderstood what you wanna try to do.

best regards


hi @p.wimmer ,

thank you for your reply. We want to use simulation first before we try with a real physical battery. Also, we want realistic battery dynamics. But we are not sure yet to use a physical Fenecon Battery.