UI Theming: Changing text and colours


I am trying to customise the OpenEMS UI for use with my backend - I want to change some of the text in the UI such as the title and elsewhere, and also the default colours in the UI.

My modifications include:

ui/src/app/shared/type/language.ts (change language to English by default)

public static readonly DEFAULT = Language.EN;

ui/src/assets/i18n/en.json - I changed the translation for several tokens to my preferred text

ui/src/themes/openems/environments/theme.ts - I changed uiTitle to my preferred text

ui/src/themes/openems/scss/variables.scss - I changed the definition of a variety of colors to my preferred colours

After building the UI using ng build -c “openems,openems-backend-prod” and deploying using Apache2 on my backend server, it appears like nothing has changed in the UI apart from the language being changed to English.

Does anyone know if I have missed something from this process? Any help very much appreciated.