Unable to cache bundle BatteryInverter

Hi everybody! I was trying to deploy OpenEMS on Raspberry Pi and I encountered an error: Unable to cache bundle BatteryInverter SinExcel.
I tried to clean the cache of the Apache Felix Web Console, and the error still persisted.
Does anybody know what might be a problem or how to fix it? BatteryInverter was never configured on the server.


This is a weird error. Try to clear and rebuild the openems.jar file. There have been bigger changes recently in the batteryinverter.sinexcel bundle recently.

Sometimes it also helps for me to clear the /tmp folder, where the Apache Felix Framework unpacks all the jars:

rm -r /tmp/org.osgi.framework.storage
# or even
# rm -r /tmp/*
systemctl restart openems


Thank you! I resolved the error… The error came from the cached version of OpenEMS still running on the Raspberry Pi…