Unable to see Janitza meter on the OpenEMS UI


I am using Openems to read values from a Simulated model on Typhoon HIL SCADA consisting of:
An ESS device with IP
An Janitza UMG511 meter IP, that is connected to the simulated grid.

I have the following configuration on open ems:

Meter.Janitza.UMG511 component.

  • modbus.id=“modbus11”
  • type=“GRID”
  • id=“meter11”

An ESS device that inherits from natures ManagedSymmetricEss, AsymmetricEss, SymmetricEss, * -
OpenemsComponent, ModbusComponent.

  • modbus.id0=“modbus11”

Modbus TCP Bridge components

  • component2: id=“modbus1” ip and port: to the ESS device
  • component1: id=“modbus11” ip and port: to the Janita meter

Both are enabled with ip and port: to the ESS

The other components in the configuration are Scheduler, Core components, 2 Controllers for the ESS, Debug loggers,

I am not able to see the Meter.Janitza.UMG511 component in the UI. The values from the OpenEms are being read. There is no error, only the Janitza meter value of the Grid meter are not seen. My UI is only showing values from the ESS device and the consumption.

I compared the Janitza implementation code to the Siemens Meter. In the OpenEMS UI, Siemens Meter shows under “Zahler” while the Janitza is seen under “Weitere”. Why is there such a difference?

Also, what is the OpenEMS component represented by the yellow light bulb? I think it means consumption but which component supplies that value?

Thank you and warm regards


this could be the Reason:


@Sn0w3y there was a version mismatch between OpenEMS Edge and OpenEMS UI. Thank you for the tip :slight_smile: