Unsatisfied reference for datasource

I recently started working with OpenEMS and try to launch the Edge in Eclipse but always got this error:

2021-04-19 19:44:08,140 [re.Cycle] INFO  [ntroller.debuglog.DebugLogImpl] [ctrlDebugLog0] _componentManager[Defective:meter1[Unsatisfied reference for datasource ((&(invalid.target.cannot.resolve=*)(!(invalid.target.cannot.resolve=*))))]|State:WARNING: A configured OpenEMS Component was not activated]
_sum[State:Warning Ess SoC:50 %|L:0 W Grid:0 W Consumption:0 W]

I think the issue is on the datasource but for some reason it cannot find the datasource even though it was the same one

Eclipse version : 2021-03
OS: Windows 10 (Version 10.0.19042 Build 19042)
Java for the Edge: jdk1.8.0_281

In the Apache Console:

Simulator DataSource: CSV Predifined [datasource0]
Simulator DataSource: Single Direct [datasource1]

Simulator ProductionMeter Acting:
Component-ID: meter1
Datasource-ID: datasource1

However this still gives the error that was mentioned above.
Please let me know if anyone familiar with this

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this issue should be fixed with latest develop branch. See this pull-request:

Alternatively try to set the “Datasource target filter” of the Meter to “(enabled=true)” in Apache Felix.


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