Urgent: Seeking Business Case review - BEV charging business

For the Mobilitython 22 challenge of ENPULSE Ventures we are seeking urgently a second opinion on our submitted business case around BEV charging with local generation (eq. PV).

Deadline: 20th September at noon.

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Business Model Canvas - Extended Version

  • Corrently Charge allows ChargePointOperators to offer ad-hoc tariffs for drivers, taking their charging requirements into account while optimizing the usage of local power generation.
  • Corrently Charge is a tariff builder focused on using available information to the actors in a charging event to optimize overall marginal return.
  • The builder optimizes based on local forecast, time/duration of parking, GHG emission, and grid mains electricity costs.

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Pitch Deck

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Review of Business Models

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Thorsten Zoerner - thorsten.zoerner@stromdao.com
Please sent my a private message!