User and password for the gitpod environment

The username and password described here are not working.

Also not the ones from the getting-started guide.

Hi Daniel,

thanks for pointing this out. There was indeed an error in the Gitpod definition, that still pointed to an old development branch in the Odoo module. It’s fixed in:

Unfortunately it seems the Odoo integration is currently still broken and I am not able to fix it quickly. As a reminder for my future self, this is what I tried…

  1. Open the Odoo instance inside your Gitpod workspace (something like https://8069-openems-openems-****
  2. Login as admin with password admin
  3. Go to SettingsUsers & CompaniesUsers and select the admin user
  4. Click the Edit button, give Manager permissions to the “admin” user and click Save
  5. Open the “OpenEMS” App in Odoo
  6. Refresh the page to apply changed permissions (by pressing F5 on your keyboard)
  7. Click Create to create a new OpenEMS Edge device configuration
  8. Fill the required fields:
  1. Click Save

  2. Back in Gitpod open the terminal for OpenEMS Backend

  3. Press Ctrl + C to stop Backend.

  4. Press the Arrow Up key on your keyboard to get the latest command and press Enter to execute it and restart Backend. (or copy this command java$(pwd)/tools/docker/openems-backend/config.d -jar build/openems-backend.jar)

Unfortunately Backend fails to import the Edges from Odoo with the following error message:

[io.openems.backend.metadata.odoo.postgres.InitializeEdgesWorker] ERROR : [Metadata.Odoo] Unable to initialize Edges: PSQLException. ERROR: column "state" does not exist
  Position: 46
org.postgresql.util.PSQLException: ERROR: column "state" does not exist

Internally we already switched to Odoo 14, so I suppose we need to backport our changes first… sorry for that.


I gave the Gitpod Live-Demo a complete overhaul. Live-Demo should now work with this link: (this runs the develop branch demo, because the required updates will only be released to master on 1st of June)

Updated documentation for Gitpod Live-Demo is here: