Using OpenEMS for microgrid Project

Hello ;

I am trying to use OpenEMS for a real project which involves control of a microgrid with PV system, Battery Storage system, Utility Import/Export and Loads so I was wondering

  1. How can I simulate a specific type of batteries/ ESS / inverters and meters which are implemented in OpenEMS ?

  2. Is there any available real project ? so it could be used as guideline

My main purpose is to use OpenEMS in real system and utilize the controllers implemented in OpenEMS

Thank you

Hi Amro,

  1. You cannot simulate a specific type of battery/ess/inverter/meter that is implemented in OpenEMS. Those device drivers expect a physical hardware to communicate with e.g. via Modbus. But you can always use all the simulated hardware in the io.openems.edge.simulator project.

  2. There are literally thousands of OpenEMS systems running productively the way you discribed it. This is an example configuration for a simulated system built from energy storage, photovoltaics system and grid meter in self-consumption optimization mode (= Balancing-Controller): Charging ESS without selling power to grid - #2 by stefan.feilmeier. For a real, physical system, just replace the components by actual device drivers.