Using Simulator DataSource: CSV Predefined

Hello folks,

I am trying to simulate my own load and PV data.

I defined the predefined data sources using these two files.

But log output shows as below:

2023-10-22T16:33:26,505 [_cycle ] INFO [ebuglog.ControllerDebugLogImpl] [ctrlDebugLog0] _sum[State:Fault Ess SoC:50 %|L:0 W Consumption:0 W] ctrlBalancing0[State:FAULT: Running the Controller failed] ess0[SoC:50 %|L:0 W|Allowed:-10000;10000 W] meter0[UNDEFINED] meter1[UNDEFINED] modbus0[CycleDelay:987 ms]

Could you please advise to solve this issue?



The information you provide is not sufficient to find the error. What I can see is that the meters don’t have active power values, and I assume the controller balancing uses either of them and therefore running it fails. Are the meters supposed to get the data from your datasources? If so, check the following:

  1. Do the files load-archive.csv and pv-archive.csv look like they’re supposed to look lijke?
  2. Are they in the right directory?

Best regards,

Thank you very much @tsicking. I have checked two files are in the right directory, but I ingested three months of data, and it raised the above errors. Now I changed the data already and the results are correct.



Hello folks,

I have load and PV data in every 15 m time resolution and unit in KW. I found the link:

I would like to know where should I edit to be the correct active power. Although there is some explanation in the above link, I don’t get it yet.
Could anyone suggest?

Thank you in advance.