Wallbox EV charger integration

I work at the Product Innovation and Research Team at Wallbox Chargers. We are already collaborating with the Home Assistant (HA) Community to ensure a quick and pleasant integration of our chargers with HA’s Home Energy Management System.

I was curious if there is someone that has tried to use Wallbox chargers with OpenEMS and how it is running.

Please, feel free to contact me for any request or information on this topic: oriol.fabregas@wallbox.com
I will be really open to have a quick call too.

Thanks Oriol, and welcome to the OpenEMS Community.

Not that I know of. Could you provide a protocol specification for your products? I scrolled through the linked post, but couldn’t find one quickly.

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Hi Stefan
Thanks for the reply.
The standard widely adopted communication protocol with EV chargers is OCPP. Here our activation manual: https://support.wallbox.com/en/knowledge-base/ocpp_activation_manual/

Before connecting to our chargers with an OCPP backend/local central system we need to make some compatibility tests so you would need to contact first with our customer support service. I think the following is the proper channel: https://wallbox.com/en_uk/comercial-b2b

Ok, great. OpenEMS supports OCPP by providing a local OCPP server. It’s also our experience that the exact compatibility needs to be validated specifically per wallbox manufacturer, because actual OCPP implementations differ a lot.

For now we as a company (FENECON) or as OpenEMS Association do not have a direct demand or requirement to establish compatibility with “Wallbox”, so I’ll let this thread here for future reference.

Thank you again for getting in touch!

Clear @stefan.feilmeier
Let us know when OpenEMS community needs our support and we will try to do our best :slight_smile:
Happy week!