Warn message "Component was missing!"


I created a dummy temperature sensor that is simply writing a constant temperature to its channel.

When I run OpenEMS I get a non regulary warning message about every 3 cycles:

[pManager] WARN  [ponentmanager.EdgeConfigWorker] Component [temp0] was missing!

Everything works properly though. Can anyone tell me whether this is a problem and how to solve it?
Thanks and regards


Hi @Alex,

welcome to the community!

From my limited experience this is only relevant for displaying the temperature in the user interface. I face the same problem with my own energy meter component which I compile to jar and then upload it via the Apache Felix interface. The energy meter works and also posts power values on the respective channels, but I don’t see it in the user interface. But I see the component working (based on logging and based on the total power shown in the user interface).

I’m quite certain that the problem is not within the component, because yesterday I was able to see it in the user interface without any “Component [meter0] was missing!” messages. But after a restart, the messages came back and the component disappeared in the user interface.

Does anyone know a bit more about this? Seems to me like the caching functionality of the EdgeConfigWorker is not working as expected.


– Chris

Hi Chris and Alex,

yes, that indeed sounds like a problem with EdgeConfigWorker. Maybe it’s not able to cope with the dynamics - might still be two different kinds of problems.

@Alex Is your code public so that I could have a look? Ideally you could also just create a Pull-Request, because that would allow me to push fixes directly.