Weird Energy Values GoodWe GridMeter


i discovered that the Current of the Grid Meter from the GoodWe Implementation is too high to be true:

Einspeisung	0 W	
Bezug	1 W	
Phase L1 Bezug	          229 V  5,1 A  77 W
Phase L2 Bezug	          229 V  5,3 A  152 W
Phase L3 Einspeisung	  228 V  5,2 A  228 W

Does not really make sense right ?
What could this be ?
Is anybody else seeing this Problem?

Or am I missing something?

Greetings !

Is there a lot of capacitive or inductive load in the installation? Assuming that the values are correct it seems that the power factor/cos phi is pretty low.

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