Working with KMtronic Relay board

Hello community!

I’m using the KMtronic relay board (Controller :: Open Energy Management System) and i have a few questions as to the configuration.

to my understanding the board gets different signals to turn a specific relay on / off, and that is done via the modbus bridge. My question is, if i want to turn a specific relay (for example relay 1) on, how do i do that via OpenEMS, and what signal do i send?

Thank you in advance, and sorry if my question seems too easy, i’m very new at this!

Hi Ghada,

to control a KMTronic relay board (like KMtronic Ltd: RS485 Serial controlled Eight Channel Relay Board - 12V via RS485 Modbus/RTU or KMtronic Ltd: LAN Ethernet IP 8 channels WEB Relay board via Modbus/TCP), just configure the following components:

  • Bridge Modbus/RTU Serial (Bridge.Modbus.Serial)

    • id: modbus0
    • portName: <as per your device, e.g. /dev/ttyUSB0 or COM3)
    • remaining settings as per default
  • IO KMtronic 8-Port Relay Board (IO.KMtronic)

    • id: io0
    • modbus_id: modbus0

Then you should already see the current states of the relays in the DebugLog output. For simple control, add:

  • Controller IO Fix Digital Output (Controller.Io.FixDigitalOutput)
    • outputChannelAddress: io0/Relay1
    • isOn: true

There are plenty of Controllers available that work on I/Os, like Controller IO Channel Single Threshold, Controller IO Heating Element, etc.