Wrong _sum value after adding PV cluster


I have two pv inverters pv0 and pv1. I have also created a PV cluster named pvInverter-cluster0 to manage pv0 and pv1. It works fine but I notice total PV output, as shown by “_sum[xx, Production: xx]” now doubles. After checking the implementation of SumImpl.java, it seems there is no distinguish between real inverters like pv0, pv1 and logical cluster like pvInverter-cluster0, and hence the value is summed twice.

Am I wrong? Is there any method to solve this problem?


you are right, this is an implementation detail we currently missed. For Energy Storage System Cluster (EssCluster) we solved the problem with a MetaEss. I would suggest the same approach for PV-Inverter-Cluster as well.

Could you provide a Pull-Request with a fix?


Thank you for the information!

I will make the fix and PR. It will take sometime though.

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Wouldn’t it also be possible to make the PV Cluster implement VirtualMeter and make addToSum return false?

Yes, that would be an even better way. Thanks!

There is no reason to make this behaviour configurable, right?