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Good evening, can you help me with this problem when I configure the OpenEMS BackEnd and enter the login screen, when I go to the next screen I get the following message
If you could help me with this problem

Hello raiza1,

please have a look at the System Architecture diagram.

You now have a connection from the OpenEMS UI to the OpenEMS Backend. The error message tells you that your Backend has no information to share with your currently logged in user.

  1. You need to connect an OpenEMS edge instance to the OpenEMS Backend (see here for more).
  2. You need to configure the backend appropriately (it needs a dependancy between a User which logs in to the OpenEMS UI and an edge). Most easy way to do so, is to activate the Metadata.Dummy bundle within your Backend (described here in subsection e). Other Metadata implementations (e.g. Metadata.Odoo) give you more freedom to manage the User <-> Edge dependancies.

Hope this helps.

Good afternoon sorry I already did the configuration as it is in the documentation but it keeps showing me the same error
I attach the url of
OpenEMS Edge:

Hi Raiza,

in the Backend you had to instances of Controller Api Backend, each with the same Component ID: ctrlBackend0. I removed one of the instances and restartet the other bundle. Unfortunately the FrontEnd is not working, so I can’t see if it is working now.
Also I would suggest having a look at the logfiles. They help really much. You should have seen a dulicated component ID message there.
As far as I can see, the other configuration looks fine.
Please be sure that your Edge is allowed to connect to the backend port There may be a firewall issue.
Also i am unsure if the backend opens the edge socket port on all interfaces or only on In that case you can try ws:// as Uri in the EdgeConfiguraions ControllerApiBackend bundle.

Good afternoon, could you check there the FrontEnd, I have already removed the BackEnd Controller instances, and now I have uploaded the FrontEnd in the following URL 1
Excuse me which ports should I open inside the instance because I was having problems with the different ports.

Hi raiza1,
edge and backend component look like their configuration is fine. I checked both of your logs

Your backend shows

22.4.2022, 18:41:11	INFO	S​t​a​r​t​i​n​g​ ​[​E​d​g​e​.​W​e​b​s​o​c​k​e​t​]​ ​w​e​b​s​o​c​k​e​t​ ​s​e​r​v​e​r​ ​[​p​o​r​t​=​8​0​8​1​]
22.4.2022, 18:41:34	INFO	[​U​i​.​W​e​b​s​o​c​k​e​t​]​ ​U​s​e​r​ ​[​:​U​s​e​r​ ​#​0​]​ ​c​o​n​n​e​c​t​e​d​.

**NOTE: Here we should see the edge connecting..but there is nothing.**

Your edge shows

22.4.2022, 18:42:25	INFO	O​p​e​n​i​n​g​ ​c​o​n​n​e​c​t​i​o​n​ ​[​C​o​n​t​r​o​l​l​e​r​.​A​p​i​.​B​a​c​k​e​n​d​:​c​t​r​l​B​a​c​k​e​n​d​0​]​ ​t​o​ ​w​e​b​s​o​c​k​e​t​ ​s​e​r​v​e​r​ ​[​w​s​:​/​/​1​9​0​.​6​3​.​1​3​6​.​1​6​2​:​8​0​8​1​]
22.4.2022, 18:42:26	WARN	U​n​a​b​l​e​ ​t​o​ ​s​e​n​d​ ​J​S​O​N​-​R​P​C​ ​m​e​s​s​a​g​e​.​ ​W​e​b​s​o​c​k​e​t​N​o​t​C​o​n​n​e​c​t​e​d​E​x​c​e​p​t​i​o​n​..

For me everything points in the direction, that either

  • your Edge is not allowed to connect to the backend (maybe an AWS Firewall issue! You are trying to open a public IP address, AWS is very restrictive by default), or
  • the UI.Websocket is opened on only (you may check this on your amazon instance with netstat -lnp. Everything is fine if the port is openend on

It is working now! I changed the Edge → Controller Api Backend → ctrlBackend0 URI to

Now you may play around and start configure your OpenEMS Edge simulation…

If it was the port that was not working, thank you very much, now I am doing this simulation, if I need help I will write you.