Build in Eclipse fails with many errors


yes… this can happen from time to time. Most likely Eclipse did not recognize latest file changes. Here are some tips to get rid of build errors in Eclipse:

  • Select all bundles in “Bndtools Explorer” (Ctrl + A) and press F5 to refresh them.

This helps, if Eclipse did not recognize no files in existing bundles.

  • Open FileImport in the menu and select BndtoolsExisting Bnd Workspace to reimport all bundles

This helps, if there were new bundles added in the meantime. Those are not opened automatically by Eclipse and would give you an error while resolving a bndrun file.

  • Open BndtoolsRefresh Repositories in the menu

This makes sure the pom.xml file is re-read and external dependencies and libaries are downloaded or updated.

  • Open ProjectClean… in the menu, select Clean all projects and press the Clean button

This builds again all projects. Usually this is should be done automatically, but who knows…

  • If all of the above do not help, you can always create a new workspace as described in Getting Started

This should be never required. I personally switch branches quite often for reviews and new developments and did not have to rebuild my workspace since many months.


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