ESS that can talk with OpenEMS using Modbus TCP

Hey everyone,

We are developing a new Energy storage system and would like it to be easily usable with OpenEMS. We will use modbus TCP. For the Modbus TCP server/slave on our ESS, what are the functionality that we need to provide in order to be OpenEMS compatible.

Do I look at the modbus tcp bridge to get an idea? Any tips or resources that can help.

Hi Waqar,

OpenEMS can be used not only for external access to an integrated energy storage system, but also to control the internal components (Battery Inverter, Battery, etc.) directly. In that case you would use a Ess.Generic.ManagedSymmetric in combination with OpenEMS Components that implement the Battery and ManagedSymmetricBatteryInverter natures.

If you really just want an external access, your components should implement the respective ESS natures, like:

These natures define the required datapoints that should be provided as a minimum via your Modbus/TCP interface.

An example for such an implementation is:

Please keep us updated on the process. Also please consider becoming members of the OpenEMS Association if you use OpenEMS in production.