How to install openEMS production ready?


I’m new to openEMS and would like to try it out in my own environment. I’ve read much about it but what I didn’t found is how do I deploy it production ready? Maybe I missed something in the documentation or didn’t search enough?
I only found the getting started guide which describes setting up a dev environment, but this is not what I want.A quick look at the github repository tells me it is built using gradle but as I’m not a java developer, I’m a bit lost.
Could someone guide me through this gradle jungle and explain how to set up a production ready system? Are there any binary releases or are there any container images to run in docker/podman?

Best regards

Hi Sven,

there are some guides in the documentation that explain how to build and deploy OpenEMS Edge, UI + Backend:

Unfortunately there are no binary releases yet, sorry. I need to look into GitHub Actions on how to provide the built artefacts for download.


Hi Stefan,

thanks for your help, I must have missed this.