Installation Problems: Opening Existing Bnd workspace

Hello Everyone,

I just recently got aware of OpenEMS and would like to evaluate its potential to see whether it may be applicable to my own EMS projects/applications.

Unfortunately, development in Java so far is completely unchartered territory for me and I am allready struggeling with the installation guide provdided within the Getting Started section of the OpenEMS documentation :slight_smile: .

I installed JDK and Eclipse as recommended, however after adding the Bndtools extension from the marketplace and trying to open the existing Bnd workspace I get a:
java.lang.NullPointerException error.

I tested my Eclipse and JDK installation and everything seems to run fine, i.e. I can compile and run basic Java code.
I would very much appreciate your help if said described issue is known and I am looking forward to using and potentially contributing to your great project.

Please let me know if further information such as a detailled ErrorLog may be helpful in understanding the problems I am facing.


Sorry, my bad.

I overlooked the previous forum contribution which addresses this issue. Switching to Eclipse Version 2020-06 resolved my issue.

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Hi. Iโ€™m glad it worked out for you. I hope the problem with bndtools will be fixed soon to avoid this in future. For a quick first look at OpenEMS we also provide a live-demo using Gitpod now:

Can you tell us more about your โ€œown EMS projects/applicationsโ€?


Hi Stefan,

Thanks, I will check out the Gitpod live demo as soon as I find the time.

At the moment, I am evaluating different existing frameworks for single family home EMS/Monitoring.
My main interest at a latter point is in testing new predictive control strategies for heat pumps, pv-inverters with battery stacks and sensible heat storages/ or other decentralized heating systems in order to increase the overall efficiency and most prominently self-sufficiency of the overall thermal-electric system.

Hence, OpenEMS strikes me as rather interesting considering the variety of provided utilities and functionalities to implement control strategies on top off.