Java: NoClassDefFoundException

Hello. My name is Jihoon Sim.

When I run OpenEMS project in Eclipse for Windows,
(GitHub - OpenEMS/openems: OpenEMS - Open Source Energy Management System)
some errors occur as images below. Is there anything else I have to set additionally?


Specifically, I followed the steps exactly on the website below.

I followed the steps up to ‘3-1-a’ and pressed the button ‘Run OSGi’. But some errors occurred (Java: NoClassDefFoundException).
I think I missed some settings, but I am wondering if you know anything.

I am looking forward to receiving your reply.
Thanks for your reading.

close IDE restart, resolve bundles

Hi @spg1101 and welcome to the Community.

Usually these errors should only rarely happen during development. Please try to follow the steps listed here to fix them:


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