Openems no longer builds in Eclipse

This is an urgent problem was we are/were making progress with openems, only to have this happen.

When I started with openems a few weeks ago it would build but would leave 100+ warnings (despite the Getting Started saying there should be none). I have been running like this for a few weeks.

I just did a pull from github on main and now it does not build. This is very frustrating. It seems many generated files are no longer present.

I am using Ubuntu 22 running in VMware on Mac.

Please let me know what I’m doing wrong. Thanks


Ok, I’ve discovered the openemsEdge does actually run when started by clicking “Run OSGi”, which I find strange. All ‘Problems’ have disappeared.

I would appreciate an explanation of what has gone on here.

It seems you are also using it in a commercial way as you told us “This is an urgent problem was we are/were making progress with openems”

Well, what if you share your progress with us ? :slight_smile:
Greetings !

Hi @JimsterCoder,

a broken release can actually never happen, because we implemented automated builds and tests via Github Actions (Build OpenEMS · Workflow runs · OpenEMS/openems · GitHub) - so these kind of errors are usually caused by the developers computer.

While stability of Eclipse IDE with bndtools improved a lot in the past years, and I have not seen these kind of errors a lot anymore, these tips could still be useful:


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Hi Sn0w3y,
Pleased to meet you. Here’s our introduction: The Infinite Monkey Labs Project

Okay, do you plan to Push the Modules into openEMS aswell?

Greetings !

Which modules and on what time frame?

In the short term our own software is almost entirely in C++ and is in no way suitable for integrating with OEMS. Work we do to customise OEMS we will certainly give back to the community.

Longer term it depends on how our relationship with OEMS develops. At the moment we are at first date and don’t want to consider marriage :wink:

Thanks. I think that is kind of what I inadvertently did to get it to work. I am not a fan of Eclipse and would prefer to compile/build from the command line. However, I tried the suggested gradlew command line system on my previous Ubuntu machine (LTS20) and it didn’t work. Do you think it will work on my LTS22 machine?

I would appreciate to hear from anyone out there using gradlew on Ubuntu 22 who can tell me if it works to build openems and what parts can be built with it. Edge, Backend, UI?

We are building our releases on a ubuntu-latest docker container. Maybe that helps. See the commands here:

Edge + Backend:


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